Everest 135M Extreme Trail


The Mandatory Kit stipulated in this section must be carried at all times during Everest 100 as it is the duty of the participant to be self-sufficient throughout the event and they are responsible for their own safety. The Checkpoints support runners progress only.



• Cross-country backpack, including 1.5-litre drinking water

• Two headtorches (one main and one standby, including a set of spare batteries)

• Lightweight outdoor jacket (waterproof)

• Lightweight outdoor pants (waterproof)

• One set of thermal underwear (long sleeve with single piece weighing more than 140g, and pants with single piece weighing more than 140g)

• One piece of rib down jacket ((fill power: 700; cashmere charge: 280g or above) or a piece of equivalent P cotton jacket (recommended)

• Quick-drying gloves, sun hat or sun scarf, Sunglasses, lifesaving whistle, first aid blanket or first aid 'Survival Bag' (preferred)

• First aid kit (bandage, Band-Aid, alcohol swab, medicine for treatment of diarrhoea, cold, inflammation, etc. at least 5 days supply)

• One GPS handset and one standby battery (the organising committee will provide AA battery at the resupply point)

• Inmarsat SATELLITE telephone (provided by the organiser)

• Satellite TRACKING positioning device (provided by the organiser)

• Cell Phone

• Mobile power supply (10000mA and above) and supporting charging line.



Recommended Additional Equipment


• Lipstick

• Vaseline

• Muscle Massage Milk

• Anti-Sand Cover