Everest 135M Extreme Trail



All competitors must read the following terms and conditions and agree to be bound by all modifications upon registration. 


1. Competitors must finish the whole race on their own by walking or running.

2. Competitors shall be generally self-sufficient in goods and materials other than those supplied by the organiser and shall carry all necessary items specified by the organiser at all times during the competition.

3. Competitors may only receive assistance from their own private supporting teams at checkpoints. Except in emergencies, no private assistance can be provided outside checkpoints. However, competitors are allowed to buy beverages/food at inns, restaurants or from hawkers along the route.

4.Support crews and support runners/pacers are strictly prohibited.To avoid misunderstanding,no accompanying runner is allowed along the entire route during the race.

5. Food and drink provided by checkpoints are for competitors only. 

6. Your Race Number must be visible at all times and attached to your front-do not fold it or obscure it. Safety pins will be provided at registration.

7. Competitors withdrawing from the race must notify the Event Personnel in charge at the nearest checkpoint and sign the'Withdrawal'form (except with the assistance of medical staff during the race).

8. Competitors in need of EMERGENCY assistance during the race should dial the phone number on their racing suit to contact the organiser. The organiser shall spare no efforts to search and rescue the competitors. In places where ordinary mobile communication signals is not available, competitors should contact the organiser with GPS satellite phone. 

9. Competitors should strictly follow the route indicated by GPS equipment and take no shortcut. Otherwise, the competitor will not be allowed to continue the race.

10. During the competition, all competitors are required to carry all designated MANDATORY equipment with them at all times. The organiser may inspect their equipment at random. Underequipped competitors may be subject to punishments including additional timing or even disqualification depending on the severity of the case. 

11. Competitors must follow the directions given by checkpoint personnel and pickets at all times. Competitors who fail to arrive at a checkpoint before the closing time are required to withdraw from the race as instructed.

12. Competitors are not allowed to litter along the route.

13. Competitors are not allowed to disturb or hurt any plants or animals (flora and fauna) along the route.

14. Competitors are not allowed to take prohibited or illegal drugs.

15. Competitors are responsible for the actions of their supporting staff. Competitors' supporting staff must follow all instructions given by Event Personnel. Any violation of rules or misconduct by the supporting staff may result in punishment or even disqualification.

16. Support staff must comply with instructions given by all checkpoint staff. For example, they may be required to make room in the checkpoint area. The organiser shall have no responsibility under any circumstances for the safety or whereabouts of the 3rdparty support staff.

17. Any violation of the above rules may result in additional timing or disqualification. The organiser shall have the sole discretion to decide whether and how to punish the violators who are deprived of the right of appeal.

18. Competitors should pay attention to the safety of themselves and others. They should always show consideration for other users of the route at all times. They should take extra care when passing roads used by motor vehicles by walking along the road side. In the event of injury or discomfort of other competitors, competitors should offer them humanitarian assistance. Any time lost by a competitor due to assisting another injured or unwell runner will be deducted from the completion time.

19. Competitors are compulsively required to purchase personal travel insurance and personal accident insurance. For details, please refer to the insurance instructions.

20. The organiser reserves the right to amend the competition rules, routes and/or other arrangements as appropriate.

21. Competitors must provide true and accurate information to the organizer. Any deliberate deception may result in invalid registration. The organiser reserves the right to change and/or cancel the qualification of any participant without compensation. 


Any violation of rules may result in punishment in timing or disqualification depending on the severity of the violation. The final decision of any punishment or disqualification rests with the Race Organiser. 

The following are some categories of rule violation:

• Competitor found not carrying any of the specified equipment

• Shortcuts have been taken and/or competitor has not followed the Event route specified

• Litter by competitors and/or their supporting staff 

• Receive support outside checkpoints (except at inns, restaurants or shops along the route) 

• Conceal supplies on the route and use them (including food, drinks and other auxiliary tools) during the competition

• Accompanied by non-competitors during the competition (Support runners/Pacers)

• Take transportation or ride animals – Race must be completed in full, on foot, by the Competitor

• Employ substitute runner • Obstruct other competitors and/or cause injury to other competitors

• Take banned drugs

• Change or destroy route indicators

• Damage or disturb any plant or animal (flora or fauna) 

• Do not show required Race Number

• Continue the race even after the checkpoint is closed (timed out)

• Do not comply with the instructions given by the organiser, pickets, emergency response staff and/or volunteers

• Insult the organiser, pickets, emergency response staff and/or volunteers, the local community or other trail users including climbers

• Lend Race Number to others


Competitors are required to purchase personal travel insurance and personal accident insurance. For details, please refer to the insurance instructions.


All complaints of misconduct or violation of the rules of the competition must be submitted to the Race Director in forms of text, photo or video within 12 hours after the competitor arrives at the finish line. Any decision made by the Race Director shall be final and non-appealable. 


The organiser reserves the right to shorten or cancel the event in the event of the following situations: 

• Adverse weather conditions

• Landslides, heavy rain, heavy snowstorms and wildfires along the route

• Protests or route closure

• Force majeure, namely any circumstances beyond the control of the organiser that make the competition unsafe or impractical, including but not limited to natural disaster, war, hostile acts, aggression, insurrection, revolution, insurrection, riot, chaos, strike, sabotage, disturbance, blockage or inability to pass roads or mountain paths, outbreak of diseases and terrorist threats. In case of the above circumstances, the registration fee (and any charitable donations) shall not be refunded.