Everest 135M Extreme Trail


Due to the harsh nature environment in Everest region, we have positioned high altitude Sherpa marshals covering three sections ( CP10 – CP11CP12 - CP13CP16 – CP17) to ensure runner’s safety.


Sherpa marshals will pair up with runners during the designated sections and provide rescues and help in any emergency situations. Beyond that, Sherpa marshals are not allowed to help runners with any equipment and have any physical contact. Runners must complete the race by themselves, including self-navigation.


During the pairing sections, Sherpa marshals will keep certain distance with runners.

All the runners who arrive at CP 10, CP12 and CP 16 after 4pm must be paired up with a Sherpa marshal.


Rules for Sherpa marshals:


1.    Sherpa marshals are official assigned and must wear designated clothes with marshal bib numbers.

2.    Leader of Sherpa marshals has the responsibility to control the starting time from each checkpoint and give special attention to any runners who need help.

3.    Sherpa marshals must keep certain distance with runners during the pairing up sections. They are not allowed to have physical contacts.

4.    Sherpa marshals are not allowed to help runners with any equipment, water, food, shoes and clothes etc.

5.    Any environmentally destructive behaviors are strictly prohibited, such as throw the rubbish.

Sherpa marshals must obey all the race rules.