Everest 135M Extreme Trail


The Ultimate Dream


Everest 135, the world’s toughest ultra-marathon in the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalaya!  


Inspired by the "Classic Everest Base Camp trail" covered by Everest climbers in the early 20th century, the route takes the early pioneer’s trail to Everest Base   Camp starting from Jiri (1878m) in Nepal, leading its way through Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park to Everest Base Camp.  The adventure takes runners  through the spectacular mountain passes in the Everest region.

Prior to the construction of Lukla Airport in 1964, Jiri was the gateway to the Everest region of the Himalaya.  Everest 135 brings back traditional concepts to enrich the journey and ensures the Race is the most memorable experience of your life!

The Concept 

The spirit of breakthrough and self-transcendence has long driven the entire human race forward and the notion "higher, stronger, faster" and the spirit of adventure have led us towards the unknown.   Some people say that "extreme exploration" is the ultimate pursuit of cross-country runners because it perfectly integrates the magnificent natural world and the strong willpower of human beings. 

Life and death, redemption and inheritance touch the deepest quiet place of our soul. That's why Guibin Sports International (Beijing) established the 135-mile cross-country race at Mount Everest. It may be the toughest cross-country race the world has ever seen!